Located in Mauritius, in the heart of Port – Louis, Austral Transit Group provide the A–Z Services under one roof and also an International Service.  Austral Transit Group can help you by moving your goods, from one place (one country) to another, whatever the size (big or small), all his services are provide at a competitive price and always with value by using a good network.

A motivated staff is waiting for you, and is ready to assist your company (whether large or a small company).  Austral Transit Group consists of professional teams who operate at all levels and are always ready to satisfy your wants and to serve the various aspect of your logistics requirements.  Austral Transit Group is a marketing oriented, result – driven company.

The main objective of Austral Transit Services is to make the best to answer to your particular needs.

Over these years, Austral Transit Group has worked on the development of various areas of expertise so as to accompany all his clients through every link of supply chain.  As often as possible, Austral Transit Group try to have a long term relationship and collaboration with all his clients with is based on trust and honesty to work.

Austral Transit Group provides services which cover Freight Forwarding , Shipping goods both to and from Mauritius, Freeport Activities and Transporting and Warehousing .

There are three (3) distinctive departments which represent each service offer by Austral Transit Services, namely:
Austral Transit International LTD
(Clearing and Forwarding Agent)

Austral Transit Logistics LTD
(Freeport Operator)

Austral Shipping Agency LTD
(Shipping Agent)

Austral Transit International LTD is also a member of the Association of Freight Forwarders (APT), the Customs Brokers Association (CBA) and is officially registered with the Customs Services and thus abides by the highest standard of professional conduct.

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